Voices of The Heart


We contact the power of our voices with the intention of deepening the understanding of the science of the voice and its energy layers, through vocal training that is based on body memory and generating spaces to cultivate and strengthen the connection with our voice, our being and our intuition.

Singing lessons on line

An accompaniment to get in help you get in touch with the exploration of your voice on a daily basis, paving the way for improvisation and the music of your life. cultivating the ways that allow us to connect with more subtle sources of inspiration. Listening exercises, visualization, vocalization based on the natural memory of your body and musical theory that allows you to choose which paths to take in improvisation, singing or musical composition.

Individual and group sessions (4 people maximum).

Dances of Universal Peace

Dances of Peace are a spiritual transforming practice, which evoke a unified experience of movement, breathing and our voices through the singing of sacred phrases of different world spiritual traditions which takes us to experience a sense of unity  in our bodies, feeling our presence in compassion  and the spiritual essence of our own selves. For more info go to wwwdancesofuniversalpeace.org


 Presence in Movement


Emptying the Self to liberate your true expression, listening to the real impulses of body, mind and heart through improvisational dance techniques that allow you to deepen into new places of your self and liberate celular memory in a joyful and playful dance experience. ​