Voices of the heart

Creative immersion retreat

October 14-19, 2020


Connecting with the power of our voices with the intention of the deepening in the science of the voice and its energetic layers through body-memory-based voice trainings, chanting circles, improvising sessions, Dances of Universal Peace, poetry and percussion classes, in a unique creative environment which allows us to cultivate and strengthen the connection with the voice of our inner Self, our intuition.The human voice has no limits, there is no beginning or ending in the path of the voice, everyone has a unique, amazing, colorful expressive voice. With this six days immersion we will ensure that the right tools to embrace vocal expression will accompany the attendee for life, as we are convinced that confident voice expression takes the individual into deeper personal fruition.

Voices of the heart includes:

  • 5 days of voice workshops

  • Dances of Universal Peace

  • Poetry workshops

  • World Percussion trainings

  • Mandala Musical participative concert.

  • Blessing Ceremonies with the elements

  • Walks and outdoor activities in the mountains.


  • Integrating the experience of four facilitators:

Deva Baumbach is the creator of the Musical Mandala as well as a leader of Universal Peace Dances of the international INDUP and Co-creator of the Waking woman gatherings in Mexico and Europe. She facilitates sacred art retreats, gatherings using dance and music as a tool for inner development. Deva has been teaching for over ten years and leads blessing ceremonies that support families in their rites of passage. She was trained in Human voice, theatrical voice and singing techniques, dance, music, Hatha yoga, Sufism and Zen meditation, Lover and supporter of the beautiful life on Mother Earth.

Ekiwah Ekiwah Adler: Poetry saved my life, that’s why it is so important for me that others know it as a vital tool of life.Sense of my work: “I am you, do not separate us from me. I discovered that poetry was an incredible way to reach that sense of accompaniment with the world, of being really intertwined in the fabric of the world. ”The intention and the deepest meaning of my work, my poetry and the lectures and recitals that I give, is to invite life, raising awareness that poetry exists in your own life, remembering that living is a decision and A creative experienceBeing a person with cerebral palsy, in a wheelchair, my testimony can inspire other people to decide to live fully. By recognizing poetry in our own lives, our senses open and delight; our attention is fueled, our ability to see invisible connections between things. Written and recited poetry is a mirror of life, since life itself is the great poem. When the own and other poets’ poems are interwoven with the present moment of the public, a magnetism is created that opens the heart.

Santiago SalcidoTransdisciplinary artist and passionate educator, he has traveled a path of various artistic disciplines such as sculpture, drawing, dance and music to discover his own language and research, where the voice plays a key role, as it is the essential instrument of human vulnerability, and the mathematical manifestation of the interior. His voice path was accompanied by singer Hebe Rosell, who in turn conveyed the fundamentals of the French technique Roy Hart. From this experience he has developed his own way of exploring and transmitting it through the implementation of collaborative laboratories with people interested in developing a better relationship with their own voice. He is co-founder and facilitator of Semillero, in Valle de Bravo, Edo.de México. Laboratory of educational innovation, an independent full-time space to accompany adolescents in their self-education.

Jacobo Guerrero: Percussionist, composer and musical instrument designer and developer, who lives in Mexico City. He started his career as a musician influenced by the 70’s psychedelic rock, as well as the Middle East music traditions, world music and dances. Since he was very young he has studied with prestigious national and international percussionists: Francisco Bringas (Mexico), Raquy Danziger (USA/Turkey), Antari Mustafa(Morocco), Mohamed Masmmoudi (Morocco), Sara Ahmadi (Iran), Milo Tamez (Mexico) and more. During 2013 he learned the techniques of ceramics and potter’s wheel use in the Taller de Cerámica Experimental de Díaz de Cossío (Experimental Pottery Workshop), where he worked on his first prototypes of percussion instruments.

Who is this gathering for?

We set as a goal to be in service to everyone who has an interest to cultivate or grow in the path of their own voice, actors, teachers in a position of using their voice to share knowledge, singers and lovers of songs and all those interested in being introduced to their own voice, by providing training and techniques to soften, embrace, strengthen and evolve with their voices.



Iztac, Amecameca, Mexico. A natural and humanistic space to gather in the middle of beautiful and magnetic nature by the mythical mountains Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. Iztac is a sanctuary that promotes self-knowledge and Self awakening, integrating arts, philosophy, science and spirituality. Iztac has been serving with this purpose for more tan 30 years, Created by Siegfried Baumbach and Cristina San Pedro.

Cost:  In a range between $380 and $533 depending on your economy and travelling expenses. Please know that anything above $380 will support scholarships for people with lower incomes and mexican leaders of dances of universal peace in training.

 Save your space :Send half of the cost via PayPal: devahariparkash@gmail.com and notify your payment via email to mandalamusical4@gmail.com or ask for details for an international transfer.

Info: mandalamusical4@gmail.com

whats ap: 5255 25744301

Organized by Amaranta Jacome and Claudia Llanos