Participative ritual music

" We are Musical Instruments living a tuning process through the recognition of our Souls Melody and the Music of our own lives. " (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Ritual concert

Welcome to Musical Mandala, a participative concert based in guided improvisation. A space where we dissolve the barriers between musicians and audience and welcome the magic of the present moment. This Spontaneous composing method can open in each of us renewing and healing energies in different levels as well as the opportunity to share with each other a moment of meditation, joy and blessings for all sentient beings particularly in this time of planetary transformation.


Workshops and Retreats

Through these Sound Mandalas, which happen in the context of ritual concerts or experiential workshops, you’ll experience moments of presence, comunion, and joy that go beyond the analytical mind, open, giving space to the wisdom of the heart to express.



In order to listen or buy music from Deva Baumbach, the creator of the Musical Mandala, click here:

BandCamp Deva Baumbach

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