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A unique potion blending practical classes and utter entchantments from hands on medicine making to homebrewing Artisanal skills and new mythos!


150 unique classes,
-Folk herbalism advanced medicine making mushrooms
-arts and celebration.
Hands on demonstrations
plant walks
bar dancing and revelry.
Once upon a time seekers, medicine makers and culture shifters of all kinds would embark on an annual quest for remembrance, for new versions of the world and valuable skills to put into practice, gathering at the very edge of the known world for the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with one another and to reclaim their innate joy.
This lands of enchantment are what are known on their maps as the American Southwest but are better understood as the permeable borderlands between flower bedecked deserts And beckoning mountains, a place beyond the veil where the curios and caring the deep feeling and daring the down home and the disaffiliated gather to create an alternative meters and more intensely meaningful helpful flavorful and holy enjoyed lives. It was thus that thisenchantments Fair came to be

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